Kinlochleven High School

Kinlochleven High School uses storytelling to inspire

The 30th of January to the 6th of February is National Storytelling Week, a week to celebrate and promote the oral tradition of storytelling.

In honour of National Storytelling Week, we’re highlighting the ‘Storytelling to Inspire’ project being planned and delivered by students at Kinlochleven High School. At the Get Set for Community Action Training Day, one of the Kinlochleven students was moved by the story Paralympian David Smith told the crowd; David spoke to students about his person experiences and how values such as gratitude and bravery help him to achieve his goals. She was inspired by the way he chose specific values to actively focus on to reach his goals, and identified many similar values that they are working to develop at school.

The Action Leads are developing a ‘Storytelling to Inspire’ activity day to pass on their inspiration to younger kids. Groups of Action Leads will read children’s storybooks to primary age students and work with them to dramatise and act out the story for other groups. The Kinlochleven Action Leads will tell them the story of some of the athletes working toward Rio and they will work to pick out the qualities that they think the athletes use to reach their goals. Once the students are familiar with the values, they go back to their groups and recreate the stories using flashcards with key words such as bravery, courage or determination.

Action Leads will use stories to teach younger generations about the values demonstrated by Paralympic and Olympic athletes and how to harness those values to reach their own goals. At the end of the activities, the children will write a postcard to themselves and promise to use one of the qualities they learned that day to try something new before Rio. From using courage to try a new sport or using the value of friendship to make friends with new students, students will push themselves out of their comfort zones to try something new in the run up to Rio!

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