The Get Set for Community Action website should comply with accessibility standards in commissioning, editorial, design and coding. These standards include the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA, part three). This website conforms to W3C Web Accessibility Standard double A (AA).

The bigger picture

The accessibility guidelines we follow include:

  •     Using an easy to read font type
  •     Ensuring suitable foreground and background colour contrast
  •     Using clear and simple grammar
  •     Providing meaningful text equivalents for pictures
  •     Providing simple, consistent site navigation
  •     Ensuring the target of each link is clearly defined
  •     Providing a sitemap
  •     Ensuring all content and functionality is available to users without content style sheet (CSS), image and script support


Contact us

Although we are testing this site on an ongoing basis, it’s your experience that counts, and we will try hard to solve problems as we become aware of them. So let us know if there are things you find difficult or if you have constructive feedback. Contact us with your comments.